I worked at Provokateur for a year, as creative UXer and lead front end developer. One of the projects I undertook was rebuilding the company site, this was a mammoth task that involved taking the designs and ideas of print-minded designers and translating them into a website, understanding and establishing interactions, user journeys, and the whole digital experience.

There are countless features on the site that I love and am proud of, so many interactions, animations and effects, its impossible to get bored. We were aiming for a unique, exploratory site, with surprises along the way. One of my first tasks involved auditing the initial design concepts, and within minutes I had over fifty questions about how the rest of the team envisaged their designs to function. Quickly, I was handed the project to manage and develop their concepts further, making them work for digital.

I definitely recommend exploring the site, I can’t pinpoint a favourite part!