Going solo

Keeping this short and sweet…

So, in what is possibly the world’s worst kept secret, I can finally blog about my new –

I’ve quit my job and I’m going freelance from January 2015!

After 5 years of studying, working and living in the web industry, I’ve got a solid and varied background, both agency side and in-house. I’ve worked with some amazing people, who’ve inspired me, taught me so much, made me laugh, and plied me with cake. I’ve worked with some insanely frustrating people who’ve made me determined not to be a total fuckwit at work or in life. I’ve grown as a person, improved my front end development skills, UX skills, UI skills – heck there’s so much I can’t even go on to explain it all.

Basically, I’ve had some amazing experiences, and I’m ready for the next journey.

I’ll be available from January 2015 for freelance and contract work, collaborations, speaking and generally getting all up in your business – basically, all the things I love. I’ll be updating my portfolio to include more work, blogging more about work life (I’ve got a series of articles coming up about this already). Please get in touch if there’s a project you think we could work on together :)

Finally, huge thanks to a bunch of people who’ve supported me, helped me, mentored me – this includes but is not limited to my parents, my best friend Lauren, Stu, Rachel, Kim, Paul, Josh, Adam, Chris, Zach/Xach, and so many other industry friends. Thanks chums!

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