Hi there.

I’m Kat! I’m a freelance UX and UI designer, CSS lover, Pixel Queen, and all-round digital native, based in London. I’m really really happy.

I love typography, colour, deer and dancing; my favourite phrase is “achingly beautiful”, and I really want to live in Warsaw. One day, eh?

I’m passionate about all things web, I love social media, I can spend hours engrossed in writing CSS. Isn’t it amazing to find something you really love and carve a career out of?

I prepare, make and edit make up tutorial videos for YouTube, all in my 2nd language Polish. This is one of my best accomplishments, I love what I do there and in 2009 was made a partner.

I came from a business background (I have Business Management and Human Resource Management degrees), I finally came to do what I really wanted, and design stuff!

With a broad work experience of working for agencies and in-house, I’ve worked with some brilliant clients, getting involved in UX and UI design, brainstorming sessions and being part of some funny, intelligent, creative and exciting teams.