Web designer by day, craftster by night.

Hello, I'm Kat, nice to meet you! I'm a freelance UX and UI designer, with a passion for beautiful sites, apps and products that work smoothly and delight users. Fancy working together on your next project?

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Recent work


UX Design

UX Design encompasses so much, and it really excites me. From research, analytics and benchmarking, to wireframes, user journeys and developing huge ideas, I love what I do. I work with clients to delight their users and exceed their expectations, time and time again.

UI Design

Great ideas need great design. I’m pixel perfect, ensuring designs are the best they can be. I’ve worked with a range of print, graphic and web designers, picking up good habits as I go, and I’m constantly inspired by the world I immerse myself in.

Design Consultancy

The web is an incredible place, and I want you to get the best out of it. I love working with clients to help them understand the web presence and persona that would work best for them, including social and community management, technology, and design.


I’m happiest when working part of a passionate, upbeat and forward thinking team. Ideas grow, excitement mounts, and people get truly invested in the product. I’m loyal and determined, and love to collaborate with fellow designers and developers. Think *big*!


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